Toni Morrison and What Our Mothers Couldn't Say

The New YorkerMy mourning mind, compromised and searching for coincidence, processes the age Toni Morrison was when she died, eighty-eight, as two infinity signs, straightened and snatched right-side up. If we are Morrison-fearing, as some others are with their icons, ...

August 7th 2019

Toni Morrison Taught Me How to Think

The New York TimesYou need to be able to read to be able to read. Especially if Toni Morrison did the writing. I at least thought I knew what it was for my eyes to sail across and down a page, through a flight of description or a feat of characterization. At 11, I thought I could read.

August 7th 2019

8 Women Writers on What Toni Morrison Meant to Them

The CutToni Morrison, the best-selling author and first black woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, died Monday night at the age of 88. Morrison was the author of 11 novels, including Beloved, which won the 1988 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. It's hard to overstate ...

August 7th 2019

Author Tayari Jones Shares An Appreciation Of Toni Morrison

NPRAmerican writer Toni Morrison died Monday at age 88. Author Tayari Jones shares her appreciation of Morrison. Facebook; Twitter; Flipboard; Email. Sign Up For The NPR Daily Newsletter. Catch up on the latest headlines and unique NPR stories, sent every ...

August 7th 2019

Toni Morrison: farewell to America's greatest writer – we all owe her so much

The GuardianWith the death of Morrison, many writers today feel like we have lost our literary mother. Although I grew up in a town in Nigeria, the two first American writers I ever read were black: Richard Wright and Morrison. I read Black Boy around the age of 11 or 12, ...

August 7th 2019

Lessons we can learn from Toni Morrison

PBS NewsHourToni Morrison was big on life. While American society lacked imagination in understanding black lives, Morrison, who died Monday at age 88, filled in the details. Pulling from African literature, slave folklore or black history, Morrison portrayed her black ...

August 7th 2019

Toni Morrison Reshaped the Landscape of Literature

Slate MagazineBecause Toni Morrison, who died Monday at the age of 88, was the first black woman to do some important things—become an editor at Random House and win the Nobel Prize for Literature among them—her work has often been viewed solely through the ...

August 7th 2019

Toni Morrison, Towering Novelist of the Black Experience, Dies at 88

The New York TimesToni Morrison, the 1993 Nobel laureate in literature, whose acclaimed, best-selling work explored black identity in America and in particular the experience of black women, died on Monday in the Bronx. She was 88. Her death, at Montefiore Medical Center, ...

August 6th 2019