Does the Impossible Whopper really taste like the real thing?

WCAXNEW YORK (CBS) Burger King is best known for the beefy Whopper, but now the fast-food giant is offering an alternative nationwide: a flame-broiled version that contains no meat. The Impossible Whopper's patty is a plant-based product that looks like beef.

August 9th 2019

The Impossible Burger Hasn't Been Easy to Find

BloombergReports of shortages first surfaced in April, shortly after the start of a regional test of the Impossible Whopper. The deal with Burger King was a coup for a product that had debuted in July 2016 on the menu of New York City's trendy Momofuku Nishi. In less ...

August 8th 2019

Meatless revolution spreads to Burger King, now home of the 'Impossible Whopper'

WRAL Tech WireThe Impossible Burger is everywhere. Starting this fall, the plant-based meat substitute will be available at about 1,500 colleges, corporate cafeterias and hospitals through Sodexo, a foodservice company. Sodexo announced the news on Thursday — the ...

August 8th 2019

Burger King mascot streams with esports stars to promote Impossible Whopper

Marketing DiveAround the announcement of the Impossible Whopper going nationwide, the chain opened an Impossible-branded restaurant that attracted long lines of followers who were surprised to find out that all the food at the location was provided by Burger King.

August 8th 2019