The Most Iconic Kill From Each Of The Friday The 13th Movies

Cinema BlendOne of horror's most prolific monsters, Jason Voorhees has spent a lot of time causing blood-splattering chaos in the Friday the 13th movies, to the point where one might think he'd get tired of all swinging all those machetes and gouging all those eye sockets.

September 14th 2019

It's Friday the 13th so here's LeBron James dressed as Jason Voorhees

LeBron WireIn celebration of Friday the 13th, we decided to take a look back at LeBron James dressing up like Jason Voorhees prior to the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Dallas Mavericks on Halloween last season. At 6-8, LeBron almost looked a little scarier than ...

September 13th 2019

All The Friday The 13th Movies Ranked By Jason Voorhees Kills

GameSpotHappy Friday the 13th! It's a day full of superstition, and terror. Will that black cat cross your path? Will you walk under that open ladder? Please don't; otherwise, Jason Voorhees might appear and hack you up with his machete. That's how all this works, right ...

September 13th 2019