World Mental Health Day Issues Highlighted By Comedy Central, HBO Initiatives

DeadlineThe spot is the initial step in Comedy Central's first long-term social impact campaign that will focus on driving culture change on mental health. Working with its launch partners, Comedy Central will integrate the campaign across all brand platforms, including ...

October 11th 2019

How to take a mental health day from work

CNETBut if you do feel that way, you should take a mental health day. Mental health days help you feel grounded and re-energized, maintain a healthy work-life perspective, manage burnout, and feel refreshed -- all keys to maintaining your overall health and your ...

October 10th 2019

Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry unite in video for World Mental Health Day

CNNEd Sheeran and Prince Harry unite in video for World Mental Health Day. By Matthew Robinson, CNN. Updated 12:12 PM ET, Thu October 10, 2019. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

October 10th 2019

6 World Mental Health Day tweets that will help you help others — and yourself

MashableWhile mental health should be discussed every day, for those who have been reluctant to begin these crucial conversations, there's no better day to start than World Mental Health Day, celebrated annually on Oct. 10. This year's focus is on suicide prevention. Nearly 800,000 people die by suicide every year, according to the World ... one for support, check out to help you get started! — American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (@afspnational) October 10, 2019 ...

October 10th 2019